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Wavy wood grain aluminum square

Wavy wood grain aluminum square

Wavy wood grain aluminum square
Wavy wood grain aluminum squareWavy wood grain aluminum squareWavy wood grain aluminum squareWavy wood grain aluminum squareWavy wood grain aluminum square
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aluminium alloy square tubes

Aluminum square


Aluminum square pass can be divided into aluminum plate aluminum square pass and profile aluminum square pass.


The aluminum square pass is formed by continuous rolling or cold bending. The installation structure is a special keel buckle structure. The installation method is similar to the ordinary strip-shaped buckle plate. It is simple and convenient and suitable for indoor decoration.


The profile aluminum square has special aluminum ventilation extrusion molding. The hardness and straightness of the product far exceed other products. The installation structure is to use the upper main bone and connect the screws and special components to the profile hammer with strong wind resistance. For outdoor decoration. The special aluminum square pass can be pulled and bent into an arc shape. The appearance of the curved aluminum square pass provides designers with a wider range of imagination to create more unique and beautiful works.


Aluminum  square can be used in concealed projects with many crowded public places, which is convenient for air circulation, exhaust, and heat dissipation, and can evenly distribute light, making the entire space bright and spacious.


The color of the wood grain aluminum square pass is maple, beech, sandalwood, mahogany and other colors. The surface treatment methods include lamination and thermal transfer. The wood grain aluminum square through thermal transfer technology will not fade, The texture is full, and the color of the coated aluminum square is more rounded and soft. The quality of the imported film will be better, which will ensure that the indoor quality will not change for 15 years.


Specifications of Aluminium square:

Specifications: The base width is generally 20-400 mm, height 20-600 mm; 50 * 100mm, 40 * 80mm, 30 * 100mm ...

Thickness of aluminum square pass: 0.5-3.5 mm

Note: The length is arbitrarily customized within 6 meters, and special sizes can be customized according to specific conditions, and handmade. Unit (mm)\

Alu-section ceiling application: U-shaped aluminum square tube, square tube, grooved square tube, arc square tube, wave shape, can be customized


U-shaped aluminum square pass: 20 * 90mm, 30 * 50mm, 30 * 80mm, 40 * 60mm, 40 * 80mm, 50 * 50mm, 50 * 100mm, 50 * 150mm, 50 * 200mm and other specifications


Aluminum Square: 25 * 100mm, 30 * 30mm, 30 * 50mm, 30 * 80mm, 40 * 50mm, 40 * 80mm, 44 * 76mm, 50 * 50mm, 50 * 100mm, 50 * 150mm, 50 * 200mm, 100 * 100mm, 100 * 200mm, 60 * 200mm, 80 * 250mm and other specifications


U-groove profile aluminum square tube: 25 * 100mm, 30 * 50mm, 30 * 100mm, 40 * 120mm, 50 * 80mm, 50 * 100mm, 50 * 120mm, 100 * 100mm, etc.


Color: white, black, gray, silver-gray, champagne gold, advertising yellow, orange, green, blue, and other colors, thermal transfer imitation wood grain color (various wood grain colors are optional, but also can be tinted in kind)


Surface treatment: electrostatic dusting, fluorocarbon spraying, roll coating, laminating, heat transfer wood grain color


Aluminum Square is widely used in subways, high-speed rail stations, stations, airports, large shopping malls, aisles, leisure places, public toilets, building exterior walls and other open spaces.


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