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indoor aluminum composite plate

indoor aluminum composite plate

indoor aluminum composite plate
indoor aluminum composite plateindoor aluminum composite plateindoor aluminum composite plateindoor aluminum composite plateindoor aluminum composite plate
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indoor aluminum composite plate

The aluminum-plastic composite board is composed of multiple layers of materials. The upper and lower layers are high-purity aluminum alloy plates, and the middle is a non-toxic low-density polyethylene (PE) core board. A protective film is pasted on the front side. For outdoor, the front of the aluminum-plastic panel is coated with fluorocarbon resin (PVDF) coating, and for the indoor, the front can be coated with non-fluorocarbon resin.

It is composed of two materials (metal and non-metal) with completely different properties. It not only retains the main characteristics of the original composition materials (metal aluminum, non-metal polyethylene plastic), but also overcomes the shortcomings of the original composition materials. , And then obtained many excellent material properties, such as luxury, colorful decoration, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, fire resistance, moisture resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, and shock resistance; light weight, easy processing and molding, easy handling and installation And other characteristics. Therefore, it has been widely used in various architectural decorations, such as ceilings, balustrades, counters, furniture, telephone booths, elevators, storefronts, billboards, plant wall materials, etc., and has become the three major curtain walls (natural stone, glass curtain walls, metal Curtain wall) The representative of metal curtain wall. In developed countries, aluminum-plastic panels are also used in the manufacture of buses and trains, sound insulation materials for aircraft and ships, and the design of instrument boxes.


1. Standard size: Thickness (T): 1mm 2mm 3mm 4mm

2. Width (W): 1220mm 1250mm 1600mm

3. Length (L): 2440mm 3050mm

4, special size specifications can be customized according to customer needs.

5, surface coating: fluorocarbon resin (PVDF), polyester resin (PET) and other imitation marble, imitation wood grain surface

6. Core material: fire-resistant and flame-retardant core material, high-pressure low-density polyethylene (PE), etc.



The product adopts various high-quality coatings, which does not require long-term maintenance, eliminating the maintenance and maintenance costs of high-rise large buildings. China's urban pollution is serious, and after several years of use, it needs maintenance and cleaning. The cleaning agent and water can be used to make the board as new as possible after cleaning.


Fluorocarbon-coated aluminum-plastic board has durability such as durability, weather resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, and pollution resistance.


The aluminum-plastic board is made of aluminum alloy and high-quality plastic, which is lighter than other decorative materials, reduces the material weight burden, facilitates construction, and greatly shortens the construction period.

Easy construction:

The aluminum-plastic plate is easy to cut, cut, plan groove, bend into arcs, right angles and other shapes. It can fully cooperate with decoration and design various shape changes.

Fire resistance:

The outer aluminum foil of the aluminum-plastic board can protect the polyethylene core material, and can block heat conduction during the initial combustion, and the fire resistance reaches international standards.

Design play ability:

The aluminum-plastic panel can produce distinctive color and shape according to customer requirements, which can meet the designer's ingenious design and achieve perfect decorative effects.

Environmental protection:

The surface layer does not change and has no pollution to the environment.


Our company provides more than 70 minutes of colors for customers to choose (if you need to color a single color not less than 400 square).

high strength:

The use of high-quality surface aluminum has high strength, which greatly improves the strength of the aluminum-plastic panel and ensures the curtain wall's resistance to wind pressure, shock, leakage, lightning, and impact.


The aluminum-plastic panel provides an excellent flat surface, which meets the pursuit of high look and feel in modern architecture.

More than 40 kinds of regular colors, special colors can be customized according to customer requirements.


1. Exterior wall and curtain wall panels of the building.

2. Modification and renovation of old building exterior walls.

3. Balcony, equipment unit, indoor compartment.

4. Panel, identification plate, display stand.

5, interior wall decorative panels, ceilings, advertising signs.

6. Industrial materials, bodywork of cold-proof vehicles.

7. Air conditioner, TV and other household appliances.

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